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I was born in Palermo in 1976. Since I was a child I have  shown my inclination for Arts involving drawing, painting, music, and recently even photography. I still remember that, before I could write, I used to draw Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck copying from the comics. Growing up, I observed my father, a painter by profession, and I learnt tempera and watercolor. When I was 14, for the first time in my life I held a guitar, my grandfather’s one, and, since then, it was all about music and guitar. So, I attended classical guitar and composition at the conservatory. Four years later, as a graduation present, I received my very first camera: an Olympus OM10 that for many years has 

recorded all my memories!

In 2003 a hand injury obliged me to completely give up my music and it was all thanks to my creativity that I started conceivingphotography as I had never done before: a form of language, of artistic expression.Thus, I looked at the world with new eyes and I studied from the biggest master photographers: from Bresson to Koudelka, from Webb to Robert Frank. Later, courses and workshops held by international photographers and photojournalists let me improve the technique and the language as well. 
Actually, I prefer Photography that allow me to recount something and it is for this reason that I love walking the streets and waiting for a story to show itself to me. As Charles Harbutt says “I don’t take pictures; pictures take me”; so, I just have to make sure my camera is loaded with film, and be ready.


(most recent)

MEDITERRANEO EXHIBITION By EVCR   Casale Papandrea, Fiumefreddo (CT)

AUGUST 31 - SEPTEMBER 02 - 2017

LE GRU, Valverde (CT)  

MARCH 10 - 24 - 2017

ECVR INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION           Pala Congressi, San Benedetto del Tronto  

SEPTEMBER 29  - OCTOBER 31 - 2017

Mondadori Media Store, Palermo  

MAY 7 - 19 - 2017


(most recent)



MIFA - Gold and Silver 

 MOSCOW - 2019

TIFA 2018 

2 Bronze

TOKIO - 2018


Diario di viaggio 2016 - 1° PREMIO

ROMA - 2016

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